We are now open, 7 days a week, in our rebuilt, refurbished farm shop


Groombridge Farm Shop is located at the top of Groombridge Hill on the A264, 4 miles west of Tunbridge Wells.    There is considerable off-road parking, as well as a  pull-in layby for those wanting a quicker stop. The level situation allows access for wheelchairs.

The shop is devoted to our own produce and produce from local farmers and manufacturers, located within Kent and Sussex. The shop sells both everyday food products as well as more specialty products.

For our Covid – 19 Strategy and guidelines, please see below.

Monday to Saturday – 8.30am to 5.30pm

 Sunday – 10.00am to 5.00pm

Telephone – 01892 861753

Email – info@groombridgefarmshop.co.uk

Instagram: @groombridgefarmshop

Twitter – http://www.twitter.com/GFarmShop



The Shop

We believe that we are what we eat, and that our customers have an expectation of quality, freshness and local provenance when they visit our shop.  We source our produce from our own farm or from other local farms whenever possible. Other items are from local businesses, who in turn source their ingredients from local farms. We also visit New Covent Garden market twice weekly to sourse items which are not available locally.

Quality, Provenance, Traceability;  the three goals to which we aspire.


New Park Farm

We grow a wide range of produce for our shop;  a mixed rotation includes grass for a stud and free range hens. With the use of modern technology, plastic tunnels, raised polythene beds and integrated pest management (the use of natural predators to control crop pests), we are able to keep the use of pesticides and artificial fertilizers to the bare minimum.  We shall continue to innovate and grow new crops for the shop.


Groombridge Farm Shop COVID -19 Strategy

November 2020

From the 23rd March, the start of the initial lockdown, we have remained open.  Our strict procedures have enabled us to keep both customers and staff safe, whilst providing our customers with essential food supplies.   Customers unwilling to come into the shop can choose from the two options below.

We allow three customers, wearing face coverings, to be in the shop at one time.  Our staff wear face shields or coverings and serve from two tills behind plastic screens.  If exempt from a mask, please display a lanyard and wait to be served outside.  We have single masks available.  Our full guidelines are posted at the door of the shop and can also be seen at the bottom of this page.

We open at 8.30am, having cleaned and sanitised all areas in the shop.   Staff follow a protocol of regular hand washing and cleaning that we feel keeps our shop floor a safe place for all.  Hand sanitisers for customers are placed outside the shop and at the tills.   We add further safe practises as we think appropriate and when indicated by government.



We deliver to customers shielding and in quarantine or isolation, five days a week. There is a small delivery charge of £2.00

To order, customers should download an order form here and email it to us at: sales@groombridgefarmshop.co.uk. Once staff have put your order together, we will phone you to take payment over the phone.

2.Safe Pick-up

We prepack boxes with customer orders, which they collect from a safe pickup table outside the front of the shop; there is no need to come into the shop.

To order, customers should download an order form here and email it to us at: sales@groombridgefarmshop.co.uk. or phone us on 01892 861753.  Once staff have put your order together, we will phone you to take payment over the phone.



  • Please do not enter the shop if you have any symptoms of COVID-19. Do not leave your home if you or someone you live with has any of the following: high temperature, a new, continuous cough, loss of, or change to, your sense of smell or taste.
  • Please wear a face covering/mask in the shop unless you have an exemption.
  • Only 3 customers in the shop at once, one from each household if possible, tag team if necessary.
  • Please use the alcohol hand gel on entry and exit to the shop.
  • Pick up only what you intend to buy to reduce transmission by touching products.
  • If they must come in, please keep your children next to you at all times and do not let them touch surfaces. 
  • To avoid any possible cross contamination at the till, put your basket on the counter, not your bags.
  • Stand behind the Red and White Line and wait for staff to put your items through the till before you step forward to pay and retrieve them.
  • Contactless payment or exact money only please.
  • We have a cleaning protocol, are cleaning surfaces and washing our hands regularly.
  • We must all comply with Social Distancing. 

Wash Hands…… Cover Face…… Make Space

November 5th 2020